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Hot-Dog Ideas, Trademark Steps
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Monty Phan. STAFF WRITER
Date: Aug 24, 2003
Start Page: F.07
Abstract (Document Summary)

When that search - which cost a "modest" amount, [Dennis Riese] said - turned up nothing, he filed a federal application to trademark the name. Riese's research showed that the [Nedick]'s name died in 1979 with the closing of the chain's final restaurant; the family that owned Nedick's sold it to a larger company, which went out of business and failed to preserve the trademark.

Riese's next step was to publish in local and national journals across the country the intention to trademark the name to ensure that no one else had a claim to it. When there were no objections, one more round of publications ensued, with the same result. Riese was then granted the trademark.

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