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Jockeying Persists Among Rivals
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Dec 12, 2001
Start Page: A.50
Section: NEWS
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Yesterday, [Lakhdar Brahimi] met with Sayyaf and Fahim, among others. At a news conference, Brahimi repeated almost like a mantra that all those he met had restated their commitment to the plan. For anyone inclined to waver, Brahimi stressed that it represents "a golden opportunity, perhaps never to come again," for Afghanistan to get international support for reconstruction.

In a sign of continued challenges, the interim Afghan defense minister, Gen. Mohammed Fahim, opposed Western plans for a robust peacekeeping force of many thousands. He said Afghan authorities would accept no more than 1,000 soldiers. He also insisted that - despite a requirement to the opposite in the accord - his soldiers would stay in Kabul because they are "security" troops, not "military" ones.

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