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The Answer Is in Our Brothels
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Mar 18, 2001
Start Page: B.05
Abstract (Document Summary)

Last year, Tariq Nasheed went on special assignment to Washington, D.C., as "K-Flex," a pimp, for Michael Moore's cable television show "The Awful Truth." Nasheed, an ex-street hustler who is now a performer and author, most recently of "The Art of Mackin,'" talked to Beltway insiders to test his theory that campaign finance is like prostitution. In an interview with Newsday editor Valerie Kellogg, K- Flex shared his insights.

This is money that special interest groups (johns) use to get Congress (the hos) to turn "tricks." Since the soft money is unlimited, the tricks that congressmen are turning are unlimited as well. Now if the soft money is regulated, the hos in Congress can only turn one or two tricks. They can't go all the way like they used to.

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