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ANALYSIS / Unnecessary Roughness
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Hahn, Alan
Date: Mar 21, 1999
Start Page: C.31
Section: SPORTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

It is time Hofstra officials acknowledged a growing thug mentality within the football program. For the second time in 17 months, football players have been arrested after an on-campus physical altercation. Does Hofstra dare wait for a third incident before it considers it has a problem?

Last weekend, two football players, linebacker Sal Alosi and offensive tackle Michael Curry, were a part of a group that broke into a dorm suite and assaulted three students, according to police. In September, 1997, quarterback Tony Bellamy and walk-on Colin Rogero were arrested for their actions during a brawl at an on-campus party.

But Hofstra's statement released by university spokesman Michael Deluise regarding last weekend's incident was issued with alarming nonchalance. "It just happens that they were football players," Deluise said. "But this wasn't a football-related incident." When contacted to elaborate on behalf of the athletic department, Hofstra sports information director Jim Sheehan refused to comment, saying the university stood by the official statement.

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