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In 4th Grade, A Real Feel For Science / Skeptic's touchy feelings
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Ridgely Ochs. STAFF WRITER||||||This story was supplemented with an Associated Press report.
Date: Apr 1, 1998
Start Page: A.08
Section: NEWS
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Practitioners of the technique say they manipulate human energy fields to treat many medical conditions. But in a study conducted by Emily Rosa, now 11, of Loveland, Colo., and published in today's Journal of American Medical Association, 21 therapeutic touch practitioners were unable to detect a field in more than half of the cases.

Therapeutic touch, conceived in the 1970s by Dolores Krieger, a now-retired faculty member at New York University's Division of Nursing, is based on the theory that people have an energy field that is perceptible above the skin. Practitioners say they manipulate these energy fields to help heal without touching the body.

Emily designed the study two years ago when she was trying to come up with an idea for a science project. Her mother, Linda Rosa, a registered nurse, had made another suggestion for a project when Emily caught a video on television on therapeutic touch. "That seemed more interesting, so I thought I'd do my project on that," Emily said.

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