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FBI: Investigator Tried To Fake Oswald Photo
[QUEENS Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Michael Dorman. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT
Date: Jan 13, 1997
Start Page: A.17
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

One of the late New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigators, a man with reputed CIA connections, once tried to doctor a photograph to make it appear that Lee Harvey Oswald had met with Fidel Castro, a long-secret FBI document reports.

When it seemed impractical to put Oswald in the photograph because nobody in the original print was shaped like him, the report said, an attempt was made to place Oswald's killer, Jack Ruby, in the picture with Castro.

The FBI report suggested that the investigator, Gordon Novel, wanted to "raise a doubt in the public's mind" on whether Oswald alone murdered [John F.] Kennedy. Only recently did the FBI agree to permit the release of this report and 20 other documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. It contended initially that making the documents public, as demanded by the Assassination Records Review Board, the federal agency that screens Kennedy assassination documents for release, would endanger national security by revealing investigative sources and methods. After the dispute went to President Bill Clinton for resolution, the FBI backed down.

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