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LOCAL SOCCER Players Kick into Action
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Ivkovic, Zak
Date: Apr 3, 1994
Start Page: 27
Section: SPORTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

When his team opens its season Saturday against the Long Island Rough Riders at the North Bergen Sports Complex, [Duane Robinson] will return to playing soccer fulltime for the first time in almost two years. After playing four years with Adelphi, Robinson spent a few years searching for a soccer living in the American Professional Soccer League and the National Professional Soccer League, but finally quit. In the meantime, he earned his master's degree from Rider College and plans on attending Temple University in the fall in pursuit of a doctorate.

Although it was difficult in the beginning because he lacked stamina after a long layoff, Robinson regained the form that enabled him to score a school-record 55 goals, breaking Paul Riley's record. While they didn't play together at Adelphi, Robinson is looking forward to facing Riley, former Adelphi standout Chris Armas and others whom he played against in the club leagues. "It will be fun to play against my friends. We'll all play for pride - to see who has the better side."

The Rough Riders' Armas heard about Robinson and his knack for being an opportunist on offense. "We can't let him receive the ball or certainly turn with it because he's very dangerous. I wish I could have played with him," said Armas, who is clearly pleased with his current situation with the Rough Riders. "Everything is working out beautifully, this is definitely the best team I ever played on."

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