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POP MUSIC A BAND FROM THE SANDS Kyuss Knows How To Generate Excitement
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Wayne Robins. STAFF WRITER
Date: Dec 18, 1992
Start Page: 103
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What is Kyuss like? Their album "Blues for the Red Sun" (Chameleon), released earlier this year, has elements of Black Sabbath's lumbering metal chords, some post-Hendrix guitar flurries by Josh Homme, punk rock attitude from the rhythm section anchored by drummer Brant Bjork. (New bassist Scott Reeder has replaced Nick Oliveri, who appears on the album). Trippy tunes like "Molten Universe" and "50 Million Year Trip" sound like speed metal played at half-speed; the improvised-sounding "Freedom Run" has the pulsation of a telegraph-key from hell; and "Thong Song" has [John Garcia] shouting "I hate . . . slow songs," over a spare, deliberately churning rhythm before a surging finale. You could say that in the desert, a sound garden blooms.

There's more maximally hard rock in town this weekend, when Ice-T leads his thrash band Body Count into the Academy on a show that features Exodus, D.R.I., and Pro-Pain. Body Count, of course, has sold more newspapers and magazines than it has records, since it's the rock band that recorded the controversial "Cop Killer." Ice-T and his label Sire (a Time Warner company) agreed to pull "Cop Killer" from the "Body Count" album.

Neil Young does a VH-1 concert tomorrow night at 9. Prince is on ABC-TV back-to-back nights. "Prince and the New Power Generation: Act I," a documentary about the band's latest album, airs tonight at midnight; "The Ryde Divine," a concert filmed at Prince's Paisley Park Studios, is on at 11:30 p.m. tomorrow . . . Tonight, thrash-reggae innovator Bad Brains plays New World Order, aka Industry, 50 Broadway, Island Park, 889-8614 . . . Tomorrow, Joey Mullens of Badfinger plays Roxy Music Hall, 277 New York Ave., Huntington, 424-7699.

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