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AROUND TOWN Letterman Writer Pens The Laughs
[ISLIP Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Eileen Swift. STAFF WRITER
Date: Nov 1, 1992
Start Page: 01
Section: NEWS
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Joe Furey is a writer for the "Late Night With David Letterman" TV show. He grew up in Brightwaters, where his mother, Ina Furey, lives. Now living in Brooklyn, he was among members of the Letterman team honored when the show was recently nominated for an Emmy. Furey traveled to Los Angeles with Letterman and the show's nine other writers to attend the awards ceremony. Though the show failed to bag the Emmy, it was all still a high for Furey.

Furey added that it's about a slowly unraveling personality and that the movie becomes progressively scarier. It was Furey's first professional movie. The film, he said, debuted to acclaim at Robert Redford's Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah, in January and received favorable reviews at France's Cannes Film Festival in May. "It was honored as a feature film, though it's only 30 minutes long," he said. The film also won first prize at the Suffolk Film and Video Festival in June.

Furey, who now scouts for gags, gimmicks and guffaws for the Letterman show, is currently working on a screenplay. "It's a comedy about relationships between men and women and how these two guys - friends - meet.

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