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[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Anthony Scaduto, Doug Vaughan and Linda Stasi.
Date: Mar 20, 1992
Start Page: 13
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Lowenstein's Killer Furlough Material? Ready for something truly enraging? The killer of Rep. Allard Lowenstein has been transferred to a minimum-security prison and has been - or soon will be - permitted out on unsupervised 10-hour furloughs. "This man {Dennis Sweeney} had a list of people he said were controlling his life, and he said it was a Jewish-CIA plot and he had to get rid of these people," said Lowenstein's sister, Dorothy Dicintio. Sweeney, who had been a Lowenstein volunteer during the civil rights movement, murdered the NYC congressman in 1980 - six or seven years after their last contact. He said then that Lowenstein and others had planted radio receivers in his teeth and were controlling him. This - as you know if you've ever picked up WPLJ on your teeth - is always a bitch. Anyway, he was found not guilty because of insanity (his or the jury's?) and sent to a maximum-security psychiatric facility. Several months ago, psychiatrists found him sufficiently recovered to be transferred to minimum-security Middletown Psychiatric Center, and Supreme Court Justice Brenda Soloff issued an order permitting the move and unsupervised furloughs. Who belongs in the looney bin, here? Anyway, a spokesman for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau said the DA's office was powerless to fight the transfer - or, he tells us, the possibility of Sweeney's release by the end of the year - because "there is nothing {in the psychiatric record} to show he's a danger to himself or others." We're glad to know that murder is no longer classified as dangerous. We're also happy to know that the urge to shoot and kill can be cured with a program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. We also hear flossing is a big help when those murderous rages overcome you. Lowenstein's sister tells us, "Sweeney had an agenda of people to kill . . .

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