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Sharpton Calls For a Boycott Of Classes
[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Mark Lowery. STAFF WRITER
Date: Aug 18, 1991
Start Page: 05
Section: NEWS
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Speaking during a rally that was broadcast on WWRL-AM radio from PS 175 in Harlem, [Al. Sharpton] said recent attacks on City College professor Leonard Jeffries, for remarks some consider anti-Semitic, are really attempts to block the implementation of a more-inclusive curriculum in the public schools - a movement Jeffries is spearheading. The boycott was first mentioned last week at a rally in Brooklyn supporting Jeffries. Also yesterday, supporting the boycott were civil rights activists Alton Maddox and Bob Law.

"They are really after the curriculum of inclusion. He {Jeffries} is being used as a target," Sharpton told the several hundred people attending yesterday's rally. "If we can't be included in the curriculum, we should not be included in the classroom."

Sharpton also said the black community must not let Jeffries be distracted from his role in promoting the curriculum of inclusion to battle charges that he's anti-Semitic.

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