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Why One Family Left Central Islip
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Christine Bridges. Saint James
Date: Sep 7, 1990
Start Page: 80
Abstract (Document Summary)

Regarding Martin Weston's "Second Opinion" {"A Case of White Flight From Central Islip?" Viewpoints, Aug. 28}: I don't know enough about the "conservative Irish-American" control of the school board to comment, but if the facts surrounding the denial of Hassan El-Amin's cost-of-living increase are as Weston states (and well they may be), then it certainly seems to me that a gross injustice has been done and the board's action cannot be permitted to stand. I'm sure the school board, like all school boards, has its problems; just as I'm sure that the various political groups in the Central Islip school district are at odds with each other. If the people are unhappy with the way the school board is operating, the people should get together and vote them out.

My husband's family has a long history in Central Islip. He and I lived there for 10 years, during which we bought the family homestead and waited with the others for Central Islip to "turn around." But almost two years ago, this young (white)family got tired of waiting. Weston talks about a "perceived deterioration" in public schools. I don't think there has been a deterioration over the past five or 10 years; I think the Central Islip public schools have been substandard for a long time.

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