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A Final Farewell To Sarah Vaughan
[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Anthony Scaduto
Date: Apr 10, 1990
Start Page: NOPGCIT
Section: NEWS
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In the front row of the 118-year-old neoclassical building of rough-cut brown stone, Ada Vaughan, [Sarah Vaughan]'s 87-year-old mother, sat flanked by relatives, including Sarah's daughter, actress Paris Vaughan.

ran onto their cheeks. More than 600 people squeezed into pews designed to hold half that number. Among them was singer Billy Eckstine, who held a significant place in Sarah Vaughan's life: It was Eckstine who heard her sing "Body and Soul" at an amateur contest at the Apollo Theater in 1942 and persuaded Earl (Fatha) Hines, whose band Eckstine was singing with, to hire her as Eckstine's co-vocalist and Hines' co-pianist.

1) AP Photo-Sarah Vaughan's mother, Ada Vaughan, at center, after the funeral yesterday. 2) Photo-Sarah Vaughan

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