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Parkways Work Back Up to Speed Interchange now termed safer
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Maureen Fan
Date: Apr 26, 1990
Start Page: 20
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Two months after a truce ordered by Gov. Mario Cuomo allowed work to resume on the Meadowbrook-Northern State Parkways interchange, lane lines have been repainted, acceleration ramps lengthened, some of the worst curves smoothed out and safety improved, traffic experts say.

Completion of most of the main lanes and ramps is expected by October, department officials said. [Michael Posillico], noting that about 200 workers are on the job every day, said a stretch of the southbound Meadowbrook Parkway between Glen Cove and Old Country Roads will be finished June 1.

Village officials say they agreed in April to work on three ramp reconstructions, landscaping, signal and cleanup work, with the condition that the state will make any modifications deemed necessary by the environmental statement. "With the experience that the state has had with our village, knowing full well there will be a tremendous amount of scrutiny . . . I don't think they will advance any work that will have to be ripped up," said Mayor Ernest Strada.

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