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Suffolk Plans 10 {CENTS} Bus Fare Hike
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By William Bunch
Date: Aug 17, 1989
Start Page: 27
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Henry Pfeifer, an East End senior-citizen activist, said there are many situations in mobile-home parks where "the husband passes on and the wife never learned to drive, and now she's begging rides from neighbors or friends. You've got to have some kind of common carrier with access to shopping centers, medical care and nutrition centers, things that make their life more worthwhile." Proposed Cuts These are the routes the Suffolk County Planning Department has targeted for possible elimination in 1990 as a cost-saving measure. 1. Routes 7D and 7E in the Mastic-Shirley-Moiches area Annual riders: 48,000 2. Route 2A from Wheatley Heights to Bay Shore Annual riders: 44,000 3. Route 6A from Ronkonkoma to Coram Annual riders: 29,000 4. Route 57 from Sayville to Smith Haven Mall Annual riders: 47,000 5. Route 8A from Riverhead to Suffolk County Community College - East Annual riders: 32,000 6. Route 1C in Copiague and Amityville Annual riders: 17,000 7. Route 10D and 10E in Hampton Bays Annual riders: 10,000 8. Route 10A from Southampton to Sag Harbor and North Haven Annual riders: 9,000 9. Route 9A from Mattituck to Orient Point Annual riders: 7,800

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