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Stranger' Still
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Ethel Davis, Joyce Munkert, Marie Garraffo, Sally
Date: Oct 9, 1988
Start Page: 07
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Amityville - a modern-day symbol of hell on earth? How wrong British travel writer Frank Barrett is {"Stranger in a Very Strange Land," Sept. 4}. If he had only taken the time to get to know the real Amityville, he would learn that this small village, approximately 2.5 miles in size with a population of a bit less than 10 thousand, has been called the "best kept secret on Long Island" and perhaps by Barrett's snide remarks about "our town," we can keep it that way.

Amityville is a very heterogeneous community - most residents living happily in our little "best kept secret." Instead of commenting on the "woman marching around bellowing obscenities at a handful of passersby," he might have taken the time to discover that the Amityville area contains some hospitals, and their outreach programs are designed to help the less fortunate mingle with the community to re-adjust for eventual release. Unfortunately, this program is not always successful. If we in Amityville can find compassion and patience with these people, certainly a visitor should. Ethel Davis, Joyce Munkert, Marie Garraffo, Sally Powell, Carol Ketcham, Donna Geminder, Doris Pope, Ron Burns. Amityville Village Hall Staff.

I am glad Barrett will be able to remember Peconic as "the classic one-horse town." I am also very glad he does not live here and will be spared watching our bucolic way of life destroyed by the "money-obsessed, materialistic, affected, snob-ridden, shallow, ugly, overdeveloped, underbred." Frances P. Kozlowsky. Peconic

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