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[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Michael Fleming, Karen freifeld and Susan Mulcahy.Edited by Susan Mulcahy
Date: May 18, 1988
Start Page: 06
Section: NEWS
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Bernhard Goetz' lawyer is throwing a "victory" party for him tonight, but the shy subway gunman won't be present. Barry Slotnick is hosting the party at Giando on the Water in Brooklyn, where guests will watch American Playhouse's "The Trial of Bernhard Goetz." According to Slotnick, the jurors who acquitted Goetz of attempted murder and other offenses, but who convicted him on a weapons charges, have been asked to the bash. Goetz, who is out on appeal on the gun charges, and who is portrayed in the production by actor Peter Crombie, was also cordially invited to attend, but, alas, Bernie won't be in evidence. "He doesn't like crowds," said a Slotnick aide. Just a Tiny Detail

Bruce Springsteen's opening night at Madison Square Garden isn't causing as much talk as yesterday's New York Times review. The question is: Did Stephen Holden write about the first of five Garden performances on the Boss's Tunnel of Love tour without viewing the entire show? That's what some fellow concertgoers were asking after reading Holden's day-after piece on the concert, which mentioned Bruce's "rolicking renditions" of two songs, including "Rosalita." Though Springsteen usually does sing "Rosalita" during live performances, the song wasn't on Monday's program. The culture department at the New York Times told us that it was an error that would be corrected today, but offered no explanation as to how the number was included in the review. Holden didn't return calls. What's in a Number?

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