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Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: Beth Sherman. Bill Kaufman. Ben Kubasik
Date: Jul 31, 1988
Start Page: 82
Section: TV PLUS
Abstract (Document Summary)

TERI ANN LINNLearning To Compete Teri Ann Linn grew up in Hawaii, amid the tropical splendor of palm trees, golden beaches and azure skies. But the actress, who plays Kristen Forrester on CBS' soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" couldn't wait to get off the island.

While her trophy is "gathering dust" in her parents' garage, Linn feels that the contest - and her own competitive edge - has boosted her career. "When I do a good scene," she said, "it's like winning a tournament."Beth Sherman WOLFMAN JACK Howling in Nashville That's no velvety-voiced deejay hosting The Nashville Network's "Rock 'n' Roll Palace" series. It's Wolfman Jack, the former "Midnight Special" host, who's back on TV every week in the concert series with musical stars of the 1950s and '60s.

"We lived through rough times, like other couples, not knowing how we'd pay bills," [JOANNA FRANK] says. She studied at Actors Studio and then taught acting, where she'd "work with big stars doing parts I wished I had, and I almost had to be their therapist." To make ends meet, [Bill Kaufman ALAN RACHINS] put aside acting aspirations and wrote episodes of "Hill Street Blues," "Hart to Hart" and "Knight Rider."

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