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Justice Gabel Relieved of Trial Duties
[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Leonard Levitt
Date: Jun 17, 1987
Start Page: 07
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

State Supreme Court Justice Hortense Gabel, underinvestigation for reducing the alimony payments of Bess Myerson'slover while the judge's daughter worked for Myerson, has been relieved of her duties as a trial judge. Mary de Bourbon, spokeswoman for the state Office of Court Administration, said yesterday that Gabel was told of the decision Monday by Milton Williams, deputy chief administrative judge for the New York City courts. "It is my understanding that the deputy chief can do this on his own," said de Bourbon. "He probably consulted with {Albert} Rosenblatt," the chief administrator of the state courts}."

[Philip Schaeffer] said Gabel had been recertified by the Administrative Board of state courts last June, based on a medical exam she took the previous April. In May, 1986, Schaeffer said, Gabel suffered a stroke which he said impaired her memory. Sources said Gabel never told the board about the stroke.

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