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Sept. 24
Springfield News Leader - Springfield, Mo.
Date: Oct 8, 2008
Start Page: A.8
Section: Main
Abstract (Document Summary)

Travis Aaron Johnson, Sarah Lynn Gard Samuel Edward Callahan, Jessica Marie Evans Sept. 25 Robert Adam Fall, Wendy Renee Hill Sept. 26 Benjamin Keth Mowris, Jill Michelle Renner Stanley Eugene Layman, Brandie Jane Harbison Michael Wayne Lloyd, Ashley Lynn Brownlee Sept. 27 Andrew Maurice Killingsworth, Dreama Jean Burnett Dwight David Ray Camron II, Lindsey Lee Batson Roy Howell Beshears, Reona Ruthene Perkins Robert Scott Obremski, Jennifer Leigh Boyce Russell Allen Stringfellow, Debbie Ann Woodward Marty Joseph Irwin, Ariel Dawn Puga Chad Anthony Gosselin, Patricia Emily Terrones Sept. 29 Leslie Dean Julian Jr., Ryann Hope Rockhill Robert Allen McClinton, Esther Bradley Stingfield Mikal Gunn Schrage, Gillian Katherine Gallagher Carl Ray Couch, Lena Daun Bowman David Scott Webster, Laurie Ann Crom Sept. 30 Ronald DeWayne Love, Melissa Jill Hefner Christopher Jordan Puetz, Sarah Louise Campbell

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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