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Obituaries: Marla Baird; Glenn Crabtree; Esther Hanover; Helen Kardashian; Paul Mattoon; Charles Messick; Gertrude Muller; Janet Reich; Nathan Scheinrock;
The Desert Sun - Palm Springs, Calif.
Subjects: Precious stones; Guide dogs; Families & family life; Donations
Date: May 28, 2008
Start Page: B.7
Section: Local
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While the world rapidly changed throughout her 98 years, she kept up with the times taking computer classes, learning the latest exercise or meditation and continually striving to challenge her mind and her body. In lieu of flowers we ask that donations be made to The Braille Institute 1-800-272-4553 or http:// Donating/DonateNow.htm or, Guide Dogs of the Desert at http://www.guidedogsofthe To view and sign this guestbook, please visit: Paul Rhea Mattoon Paul Rhea Mattoon, 78, of Thousand Palms, CA, passed away on May 24, 2008 in Thousand Palms of natural causes.

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