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White house revisited
Courier - News - Bridgewater, N.J.
Subjects: Houses; Interior design; Architecture; Dining rooms; Stained glass
Author: MacKenzie, Pamela
Date: Mar 18, 2005
Start Page: F.1
Section: Home Buyers' Guide
Abstract (Document Summary)

Owned by three families - the Whites (the home was designed by Bourke-White's father after the Arts and Crafts style of Gustav Stickley), the Lincolns and the McCrearys - the home is now being sold by the McCreary heirs through Jack Gulla of Century 21 Golden Post Realty for $549,900. Because of its unique character and history, this home in the Beechwood Heights section of Middlesex Borough probably will sell to someone who sees a particular value in its history or its architectural details.

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