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Change can be disruptive for your homebody feline
The Post - Burlington, Ont.
Author: Burtis, Barry
Date: Mar 15, 2012
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Section: News
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In many ways, cats are not dogs. This is true even in some of the most basic elements in how they live. Cats, big or small, domesticated or wild, tend to be much more solitary than dogs. Seldom do they live in groups or a pack the way dogs do. In a multi-cat household, it's not uncommon for one or more of the cats to be disturbed by density of the feline population.

When cats are stressed, for whatever the reason, it's likely there will be consequences. Often stressed cats may display undesirable behaviour. Urine marking, vertical scratching, litter-box avoidance and food-intake disorders are examples of such problem behaviour. When abnormal behaviour occurs cat owners, reacting appropriately to the issue, often seek advice from their veterinarian.

Feliway is a synthetic analogue of one fraction of feline facial pheromones. It has been recommended by veterinarians for many years in dealing with stressed cats. It is available as a spray for use on objects in a stressed cat's environment or for spot use in carriers or cages. It also comes in a diffuser format for use in a house with a cat(s) experiencing stress.

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