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Father of murdered young man angry after sentencing postponed
[Final Edition]
The Canadian Champion - Milton, Ont.
Author: Thiessen, Stephanie
Date: Jul 15, 2005
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Section: News
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"He's done something and everyone knows it, and in the meantime they're playing 'Ring Around the Rosie' and assess this, assess that," Mr. Manchisi said angrily.

During his two-day trial, as his mom looked on, the teen admitted to helping serial killer and pedophile Douglas Moore, 36, dump the dismembered body parts of the two young men in three separate locations in the Montreal area hours after Mr. Moore dismembered them with a power saw.

During the trial, the teen explained Mr. Moore thought the two boys had stolen drugs and money from his Mississauga townhouse, and killed them out of revenge. In reality, it was the teen who committed the thefts.

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