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Workers' compensation is a red tape nightmare
[Final Edition]
Times - Cambridge, Ont.
Author: Wilson, Scott
Date: Apr 15, 2003
Start Page: 7
Section: Letters To The Times
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[Gerry Martiniuk] you first. [Janko Peric] read along, some of this applies to you to. Let's talk about workers' compensation (or the Workers' Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) as it is known. As you both know WSIB receives no money from the federal or provincial governments, only money from employers who must pay to fund it. No folks, your tax money does not pay injured workers.

When I went to your office, Gerry, to find out how this could happen, I was told that you don't deal with WSIB cases anymore because it's too much trouble. On another visit, your office did actually call WSIB but it still went nowhere.

Now WSIB takes $33 off my benefits every week for CPP, but they don't submit it to anyone. Therefore, if I have a heart attack because of all the financial stress that WSIB has placed on me, I cannot get any disability pension. I was even willing to pay CPP myself but their rules don't allow that either.

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