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Richland County Real Estate Transfers
News Journal - Mansfield, Ohio
Author: Butts, Kay
Date: Sep 18, 2011
Start Page: B.7
Section: LOCAL City Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

09/07/11; 80 acres at 3676 Fulton Road; Washington Township; Scott A. and Mary M. Eilenfeld; to John H. and Ann E. Akers; $300,000 09/07/11; 465 Empire Road; Mansfield; Dwight L. and Clene A. Wallen; to James R. Taylor; $36,000 09/08/11; 1136 Hunters Ridge Road; Lexington; Erik R. and Ellen M. Jensen; to Rachel M. Biglin and Samuel G. Hamilton; $206,500 09/08/11; 25 Grand Blvd.; Shelby; Glenard E. and Barbara A. Mack; to David A. Mack; $58,000 09/08/11; 9.19 acres at 3576 Stein Road; Jackson Township; Paul Worthington executor of the Estate of Rollin E. Worthington; to Bryan and Suzanne Peiffer; $171,000 09/08/11; 30.87 acres on Horning Road; Sandusky Township; James A. Brown; to John E. and Angela K. Schroeder; $128,000 09/08/11; 409 W. Fifth St.; Mansfield; Nettles Elgin; to Butler Vowana; $500 09/08/11; 160 Clare Road; Ontario; Angela N. Ciroli; to Paul and Marcia Stein; $124,500 09/08/11; 640 W. Cook Road; Mansfield; Nathan J. Moritz; to Richard K. Murnahan II and Amanda E. Wyatt; $79,500 09/08/11; 0.39 acres at 38 Flint St.; Shelby; James Adkins; to Brenda L. Stephens; $2,500 09/08/11; 1236 N. Trimble Road; Madison Township; CitiFinancial Inc.; to Franklin L. and Maryann Counts; $26,100 09/09/11; 1700 Nussbaum Parkway; Ontario; Central Investment LLC; to MedCentral Health System; $400,000 09/09/11; 73 Stewart Ave.; Mansfield; Matthew J. Wentz and Jodi D. Cooper-Wentz; to Cynthia L. Pace; $49,900 09/09/11; 72 Shaffner Blvd.; Mansfield; Robert T. and Alice E. Witzky; to William E. and Peggy S. Loughman; $105,000 09/09/11; 1 parcel on Smokewood Drive; Mifflin Township; Dougherty-Parton; to Mervin R. Shaffner; $1 09/09/11; 221 Darby Drive; Lexington; Brad E. and Elizabeth R. Lamoreaux; to Brandon Bauer and Rochelle Dilley; $105,500 09/09/11; 76 Helen Ave.; Mansfield; Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Karla L. Hale; $7,500 09/09/11; 0.599 acres at 5962 Ohio 13; Jefferson Township; Rick D. Swonger; to Steven M. Bilbee; $72,000 09/09/11; 4.042 acres at 4306 Opdyke Road; Plymouth Township; Claude P. and Janet I. Ousley; to Franklin D. and Nannie Ruth Ousley; $17,000 09/09/11; 456 Howard St.; Mansfield; Home Solutions Partners I REO LLC; to Direct Properties LLC; $500 09/09/11; 104 W. Second St.; Mansfield; John R. Kirkpatrick; to B. Woodruff Properties & Management LLC; $1,000 09/12/11; 10 Oak St.; Shelby; Cynthia Arnold; to Michael Lenz; $43,400 09/12/11; 24 Pettit Ave.; Shiloh; Vanda M. Haymond; to Anthony C. Haymond; $50,000 09/12/11; 605 Overbrook Court; Ontario; David J. and Amy L. Gooch; to The Park National Bank; $176,500 09/12/11; 18.5 acres at 5341 Lime Road; Sandusky Township; Beneficial Ohio Inc.; to Rex J. and Sherry L. Eichlberger; $88,800 09/12/11; 151 Ridgewood Blvd.; Mansfield; Sarah Alexis Jackson; to Equity Trust Company custodian fbo David Miller; $43,000 09/12/11; 1640 Whippoorwill Lane; Mansfield; Suzanne F. Miller; to Tina M. Hill trustee of the Beach et al.; $95,000 09/12/11; 2252 Moffett Road; Lucas; Marlene Harvey, Marlene Joyce Harvey; to Jacob L. Harvey; $89,000 09/12/11; 995 Donnawood Drive; Madison Township; Richland Bank; to Matthew D. Irey; $76,500 09/12/11; 1045 Elizabeth Ave.; Ontario; CitiMortgage Inc.; to TDB Properties LLC; $32,000 09/12/11; 20 River Bend Drive; Shelby; Michael A. Van Vlerah, Suzanne Vogel, Jill A. Frank; to Robert H. Deruy and Dorothy M. Deruy trustees of the Deruy Family Trust; $90,000 09/13/11; 0.75 acres at 438 Fleming Falls Road; Madison Township; John D. Clagg Sr. and Wanda P. Clagg; to Ohio Hearthland Real Estate Ventures LLC; $14,000 09/13/11; 175 Sherwood Drive; Lexington; Claudie P. Hill successor trustee of the Genevieve M. Walters Living Trust; to Linda C. Gongwer; $65,500 09/13/11; 182 Miller St.; Mansfield; Brook and Marjoe Taylor; to Thomas Powell; $7,800 09/13/11; 135 E. Cook Road; Mansfield; Anchor Management Group Inc.; to GBS Woodbridge LLC; $60,000 09/14/11; 173 N. Benton; Mansfield; Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to E.M. Properties of Mansfield LLC; $5,500 09/14/11; 402 Lorwood Drive East; Shelby; Steven P. and Tiffany K. Curry; to Jeffrey S. and Tina R. Carroll; $134,900 09/15/11; 5.91 acres on Impala Drive; Mifflin Township; Mervin R. Shaffner; to Dougherty-Parton, an Ohio General Partnership; $5,000 09/14/11; 399 N. McElroy Road; Madison Township; Carolyn M. Dickerson at Sheriff's sale; to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; $42,000 09/14/11; 368 W. Sixth St.; Mansfield; Freddie M. Newbern; to Wells Fargo Bank N.A.; $9,000 09/14/11; 344 Wood St.; Mansfield; Keith B. Reece, Patricia Kay Reece et al. at Sheriff's sale; to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; $30,000 09/14/11; 21 Taft St.; Shelby; Jeremiah S. Pence et al. at Sheriff's sale; to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; $65,000 09/14/11; 127 Gibson Ave.; Mansfield; Jason A. Anschutz at Sheriff's sale; to FirstMerit Mortgage Corp.; $8,000 09/14/11; 0.52 acres at 3563 Milligan Road; Ontario; Phyllis I. Kahl aka Phyllis I. Heuber at sheriff's sale; to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.\n

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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