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Use common sense to evaluate new Ridley shooting claims
The Journal News - White Plains, N.Y.
Subjects: Witnesses; Juries; Attorneys; Law enforcement
Author: Gershman, Bennett L
Date: Apr 30, 2009
Start Page: B.7
Section: OPINION
Abstract (Document Summary)

[...] in the Ridley case, an overriding question is whether it is probable that the factual accounts of the killing and investigation given by the police, the district attorney, the grand jury, and the eyewitnesses who gave statements and testified before the grand jury were part of a conspiracy to cover up an execution-style killing and secreting of incriminating evidence - which is what the lawsuit brought by attorney Jonathan Lovett alleges - or whether it is more probable that these persons gave their accounts truthfully, and conducted themselves according to their best recollections and professional obligations. [...] given the fact that the killing occurred in a busy public street, and was observed by numerous bystanders, and was actually videotaped, is it plausible or probable that such a public event could realistically be covered up, or plausibly believed by the participants as capable of being covered up?

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