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Roadblocks to testing stymie diagnosis
The Journal News - White Plains, N.Y.
Subjects: Dyslexia; Learning disabilities; Bills; Children & youth; Parents & parenting
Author: Haggerty, Nancy
Date: Feb 3, 2013
Start Page: 9
Section: A
Abstract (Document Summary)

Jo Haines, executive director of Everyone Reading, a New York City-based organization that provides information and referrals regarding dyslexia, said dyslexia accounts for about 80 percent of language-based learning disabilities. Dysfluent reading A hatred of reading Trouble with word retrieval -- akin to so-called "senior moments" Struggles with English and foreign language, beginning in middle school Struggles with reading comprehension and possible wide disparity between reading and listening comprehension of the same text Poor handwriting Inability to rhyme Failure to know left from right Inability to have fun with language Difficulty spelling Substitution of one sight word for another --

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