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1. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Homelessness seems to trap veterans longer; Those on the streets are also more likely to have serious health issues, a survey finds.
Zucchino, David; Los Angeles Times; Nov 10, 2011; p. A.20
2. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Veterans Chief Is Grilled Over Stolen Data; VA Secretary Nicholson tells angry House and Senate panels that he's outraged. For many on Capitol Hill, and scores of vets, that isn't enough.
Neuman, Johanna; Los Angeles Times; May 26, 2006; p. A.5
3. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Veterans Chief Said to Be on His Way Out; Cabinet: Groups had complained about Togo West. Loss would give VA helm to Hershel Gober, who lost earlier bid for job amid sexual harassment charges.
Chen, Edwin; Los Angeles Times; Jul 7, 1999; p. 4
4. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) VETERANS DAY; New monument honors Filipino American vets; Believed to be the U.S.' first such structure, it tells the story of the immigrant group and the former warriors' struggle for benefits.
Kang, K Connie; Los Angeles Times; Nov 12, 2006; p. B.3
5. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) THE NATION; Filipino veterans' long pension fight; The U.S. essentially drafted them in World War II. They've been lobbying Congress for benefits for 17 years.
Neuman, Johanna; Los Angeles Times; Nov 11, 2007; p. A.17
6. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Los Angeles; Filipino Veterans Demand Benefits; Military: Men who served in World War II seek full pensions and medical coverage, but not all meet requirements imposed by Congress.
McDONNELL, PATRICK J; Los Angeles Times; Sep 1, 2001; p. B.3
7. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) The veterans hall is growing -- online; Those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are finding support in cyber-forums in addition to groups like the American Legion.
Hefling, Kimberly; Los Angeles Times; Dec 7, 2008; p. A.15
8. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) The Valley; MEMORIAL DAY; Filipino WWII Veterans Still Fighting for Military Benefits; Memories: Eight men sharing a house in Panorama City say FDR promised them and thousands more full aid.
Pierson, David; Los Angeles Times; May 28, 2001; p. B.3
9. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Veterans divided on housing idea; Some want VA site turned back into a hospital. Others want low-cost apartments for disabled, homeless.
Simmons, Ann M; Los Angeles Times; May 28, 2009; p. A.8
10. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) California and the West; Intense Effort Averted Closing of Veterans Home; Codes: When inspectors seemed likely to find care inadequate at Barstow facility, Davis administration pressed for remedies and avoided potential embarrassment.
Morain, Dan; Los Angeles Times; Apr 17, 2000; p. 3
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