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1. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) CULTURE; States Erect Limits to Roadside Memorials; Florida families' cross marking vehicle deaths of teens is part of a growing, and problematic, trend.
Clary, Mike; Los Angeles Times; (Feb 5, 1997), p. 5
2. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Light at the End of the Blight; Landmarks: City Hall stood up and took notice of a Times story lamenting urban decay and the deterioration of memorials. So now they're being cleaned up.
Dean, Paul; Los Angeles Times; (Aug 31, 1997), p. 1
3. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) METRO NEWS; CITYSCAPES; Traffic Debate Goes Round and Round; 'Circle' plan for perilous corner pleases veterans, who want memorials there. But a merchant cries foul.
Ramos, George; Los Angeles Times; (Apr 21, 2001), p. B.1
4. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) King, set in stone; Unlike other memorials on the Mall, Martin Luther King Jr.'s is a monument to nonviolence.
Anonymous; Los Angeles Times; (Aug 25, 2011), p. A.14
5. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) A fatal site, threefold; At a shrine in South L.A. for an alleged gang member, two more are killed. Some cities regulate such memorials.
Vives, Ruben; Winton, Richard; Los Angeles Times; (Feb 4, 2009), p. B.1
6. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; A vision of found memorials surfaces
Hawthorne, Christopher; Los Angeles Times; (Mar 15, 2012), p. D.1
7. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Lasting memorials to Trayvon Martin, others
Comas, Martin E; Los Angeles Times; (Feb 24, 2013), p. A.17
8. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; Reading symbolism in the Sept. 11 era; Memorials are charged with meaning, architects learn the hard way.
Hawthorne, Christopher; Los Angeles Times; (Oct 5, 2005), p. E.1
9. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) A Year After; Americans Mourn as One; Memorials: From firehouses to churches to fast-food restaurants--in loud and quiet gatherings-- the nation pauses.
Braun, Stephen; Los Angeles Times; (Sep 12, 2002), p. A.1
10. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Memorials Mark Anniversaries of 2 American Tragedies; Ceremonies: Crowds honor victims in Oklahoma City and Waco, Texas. Clinton praises Oklahomans' 'courage and resilience' after bombing.
Los Angeles Times; (Apr 20, 1998), p. 20
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