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1. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; A vision of found memorials surfaces
Hawthorne, Christopher; Los Angeles Times; (Mar 15, 2012), p. D.1
2. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) COLUMN ONE; Monumental oddballs; Lesser-known Washington memorials draw more 'huhs?' than visitors, but they provide a quirky history lesson.
Simon, Richard; Los Angeles Times; (Oct 23, 2013), p. A.1
3. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) [ PHOTO: Focus L.A.--Candle memorials for terrorists' victims are set... ]
Los Angeles Times; (Sep 23, 2001), p. E.5
4. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) FIVE YEARS AFTER; CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; Unseemly memorials; Planned tributes to the victims of 9/11 have served as a reminder only of the red tape such projects can face.
Hawthorne, Christopher; Los Angeles Times; (Sep 9, 2006), p. E.1
5. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) MEMORIALS; A Case of Too Much Love, Too Soon
Schulman, Bruce J; Los Angeles Times; (Oct 8, 2000), p. 1
6. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Roadside Tributes Raise Safety Issue; Traffic: The memorials help ease families' pain, but officials fear people gathered at accident sites such as the one near Camarillo could get hit.
Hughes, Timothy; Los Angeles Times; (Apr 7, 2002), p. B.1
7. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) CULTURE; States Erect Limits to Roadside Memorials; Florida families' cross marking vehicle deaths of teens is part of a growing, and problematic, trend.
Clary, Mike; Los Angeles Times; (Feb 5, 1997), p. 5
8. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Los Angeles; Section of PCH Dedicated to Vietnam Veterans; Memorials: A ceremony designates the county's section of the road to honor those who served.
Reich, Kenneth; Los Angeles Times; (Jul 28, 2001), p. B.3
9. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) Memories of Shooting Spree Recalled Memorials: Survivors, friends and relatives of those killed during the county's bloodiest rampage gather for special rites on anniversary.
Bustillo, Miguel; Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext); (Dec 3, 1994), p. 1
10. Preview (Abstract/Citation) Full Text (No Photos) The Nation; COLUMN ONE; Revering the Relics of Disaster; The Columbia crash investigation is closing, so what will happen to all the debris? The form that memorials take tells us a lot about ourselves.
Usha Lee McFarling; Los Angeles Times; (Aug 25, 2003), p. A.1
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