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Simi Valley Adds Blue Traffic Lights
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Griggs, Gregory W
Date: Sep 6, 2006
Start Page: B.3
Section: California Metro; Part B; Metro Desk
 Abstract (Document Summary)

Other intersections getting indicators are 1st Street and Los Angeles Avenue, 1st and Royal Avenue, Sycamore Drive and Cochran Street, and Tapo Canyon Road and Alamo Street.

"It's safer for an officer to monitor the intersection" with the indicators, said Dean Worthy, a motorcycle officer in Thousand Oaks. "Otherwise, you'd have to blitz through an intersection, which is dangerous for the officer and other traffic."

Worthy said the number of overall citations has not gone up in Thousand Oaks as a result of the indicators, and Simi Valley's [Roy Jones] said he did not expect a hike in the number of violations. The cost for running a red light ranges from $135 to more than $350, not including court fees and penalties.

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