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X GAMES REPORT; All Clear for Clowers in Step-Up
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Tournaments & championships; Extreme sports; Motorcycles
Author: Arritt, Dan||||||Yoon, Peter||||||Abrams, Jonathan
Date: Aug 6, 2005
Start Page: D.4
Section: Sports; Part D; Sports Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Finding just the right spot on the lip to launch was key to winning the contest in the tennis stadium outside Home Depot Center, and [Tommy Clowers] was right on target, clearing the bar on his first attempt to win his fourth gold medal in the event.

Matt Buyten, the 2003 winner in the event, was the only other competitor of the five starters to clear 31 feet 6 inches. But after Clowers cleared 32-0, Buyten couldn't match him. He clipped the bar with his back tire on the way down and nailed it even harder with the same tire on the second.

SKY HIGH: Tommy Clowers clears 32 feet for a gold medal in the Moto X step-up competition at the Home Depot Center.; PHOTOGRAPHER: Christine Cotter Los Angeles Times

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