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Searching for the light; Cruisers: Novel, Craig Nova, Shaye Areheart Books: 306 pp., $24
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Novels; Books-titles -- Cruisers
Author: Nolan, Tom
Date: Sep 19, 2004
Start Page: R.9
Section: Book Review; Part R; Features Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Let it quickly be said that "Cruisers," though rich in symbols and glittering with images, is a tense and fast-paced chronicle, told in prose as nimble and shiny as a pellet of mercury. [Russell BOYD] is, after all, a policeman, and "Cruisers" is, among other things, an oblique police-procedural novel, in which trooper Boyd from time to time seeks clues to a roadside killing "like a blind man ... who kept going around a room with no door." In the effective way the author mixes vivid prose, existential riddles and violent incident, [Craig Nova] bears comparison to such contemporaries as Robert Stone, Pete Dexter, Thomas Berger and Jim Harrison. But such shorthand comparisons don't do justice to Nova, whose 10 previous novels include "The Good Son" and "Wetware," and whose growing body of work puts him in a category all his own.

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