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The State; Pebble Beach Development Plan Debated
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Speizer, Irwin
Date: Apr 26, 2004
Start Page: B.5
Section: California Metro; Part B; Metro Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Critics say the project is nothing more than a cheap horror flick complete with chain saws. "If the Pebble Beach Co. is a steward, why aren't they fighting to protect the Monterey pines?" asked David Dillworth, executive director of Helping Our Peninsula's Environment. "They probably consider bulldozers and chain saws conservation equipment."

"I realize golf courses generate an awful lot of money," said Pebble Beach resident Carl Nielsen. "The question is, should the entire area be golf courses or should it have some open space like presently exists?" Nielsen is co-chairman of Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County, which wants to scale back the project.

then there is the question of the Monterey pine, the primary tree in Del Monte Forest. Dillworth's group points out that the tree is a variety of pine only rarely found naturally, and that the Monterey Peninsula has the largest natural forest of those trees in the world. Rather than chopping down 17,000, the company should strive to protect those that remain, he said.

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