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COLUMN ONE; Great Idea but Don't Quote Him; Deng Xiaoping's famous one-liner started China on the way to capitalism. The only problem is there's no proof he actually said it.
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Communism; Leadership; Slogans; Economic growth; Capitalism
Author: Iritani, Evelyn
Date: Sep 9, 2004
Start Page: A.1
Section: Main News; Part A; Business Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Do an Internet search on [Deng Xiaoping] and his most famous phrase, and you get nearly 1,800 citations in some of the world's best-known media, including Forbes, Time and PBS. In recent weeks the mentions have soared amid widespread coverage of the 100th anniversary of Deng's birth on Aug. 22. He died in 1997.

[Orville Schell] should know. His 1984 book on China's economic revolution, "To Get Rich Is Glorious: China in the '80s," is often mistakenly cited as being the first to link the phrase with Deng. In fact, in his book he associates the slogan with Deng's revolutionary reforms but doesn't directly attribute it to Deng.

Deng "saw a danger in that, a political danger, which is another reason why he would not have said fa cai, to get rich," says Sidney Rittenberg, an American business consultant who helped [Mike Wallace] land the Deng interview.

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