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Cover Story; 'Battlestar Galactica' Is Relaunched on Sci-Fi; The new four-hour miniseries puts an updated, sexier spin on the '70s show. Not all fans will welcome the changes.
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: O'Hare, Kate
Date: Dec 7, 2003
Start Page: TV.3
Section: TV Times; Part TV; Calendar Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

For a while after the turn of the new century, it looked as though Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto would mount a new TV version of "Galactica," a continuation of the original series. But when "X- Men" became a huge hit, director Singer and his story co-creator DeSanto had to go off and make the sequel. Universal Studios, which owned the "Galactica" concept, then called on [Ronald D. Moore] to give it another go, this time for Sci-Fi.

"You're trying to make something great," says David Eick, executive producer of the miniseries. "You're trying to not make what people expect you to do.... It was quite a tightrope walk for everybody. The most surprising thing was how effortless it seemed. Everybody intuitively understood that we're making something called 'Battlestar Galactica,' and it is a severe departure from the thing that used to be called 'Battlestar Galactica.' "

THE NEW CREW: [Edward James Olmos], bottom, and, from left, [Katee Sackhoff], [Jamie Bamber], Grace Park star in the two-part "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries.; PHOTOGRAPHER: [Frank Ockenfels]; no caption; PHOTOGRAPHER: Frank Ockenfels

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