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Sports Novelty Firms Hatching New Lineup; Russian nesting dolls, with a twist, may be the next promotional hit in stadiums.
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Collectibles; Dolls; Sports marketing
Author: Frammolino, Ralph
Date: Jan 2, 2004
Start Page: C.1
Section: Business; Part C; Business Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Companies like start-up Newcrafters in Encino believe the next big thing for sports nuts will be a twist on the century-old Russian art form of hand-painted dolls that are stacked, or nested, within bigger dolls.

The nesting dolls, which typically have three to five dolls in a set, not only offer something new to juice attendance, but they also provide a solution to a sticky problem for a team's front office, said Bernard Mullin, the NBA's senior vice president of marketing and team business operations.

MEMORABILIA: [Alexander Krilov], left, [Julia Butler] and Stanislas "Slava" Medvedenko moved in on matryoshka dolls.; PHOTOGRAPHER: Carlos Chavez Los Angeles Times; NEW SERIES: These Lakers souvenirs reflect an old Russian art form of hand- painted dolls that are nested within bigger dolls.; PHOTOGRAPHER: Carlos Chavez Los Angeles Times

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