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Television Review; Animal Instincts Overload Two WB Shows Series: The New Season
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Television programs -- -Multiple review
Author: Rosenberg, Howard
Date: Oct 13, 2001
Start Page: F.2
Section: Calendar; Entertainment Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

The jokes walk on all fours in "Men, Women & Dogs," in which Jeremiah (Bill Bellamy), Clay (Daniel Pino), Eric (Niklaus Lange) and Royce (Mike Damus) hang out in a dog-walking park with their canines and schmooze about "chicks." In other words, sex, "chicks" existing here as little more than sexual abstractions.

Although Mike falls all apart in the presence of a good-looking female stranger, he assures [Euan] there's nothing monotonous about having sex with someone he cares about--his steady girlfriend, Liz (Lauren Stamile). Replies Euan: "What's really not monotonous? Having sex with a different girl every night."

The cast of 'Men, Women & Dogs' includes Daniel Pino, left, Mike Damus, Niklaus Lange, Heather Stephens and Bill Bellamy, center.; PHOTOGRAPHER: MURRAY DE'ATLEY; [Eddie Kaye Thomas], left, and [John Cho] co-star in 'Off Centre.'; PHOTOGRAPHER: RON BATZDORFF

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