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The Nation; Fugitive's Capture Heightens Speculation; Locals are touchy about the theory that some sympathetic with his anti- government views helped the suspected bomber elude the law.
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Ellingwood, Ken
Date: Jun 2, 2003
Start Page: A.12
Section: Main News; Part A; National Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Although [Eric Robert Rudolph] spent his formative years in these rugged mountains and prided himself on his outdoors skills, many wondered how he could have endured without help. Adding to the mystery, Rudolph appeared well-groomed when captured, sporting a neat mustache and tennis shoes -- hardly the signs of a lengthy mountain- man existence under the pines and oaks of the surrounding Nantahala National Forest.

The question of whether any residents lent support to Rudolph is a touchy one around this scenic backwoods region, which is home to a handful of factories and some farms and serves as a getaway for weekenders and outdoors enthusiasts from Atlanta. The area is also known for conservative religious leanings -- alcohol is not sold in Murphy restaurants, although there is a vote on the matter Tuesday. Many here are vehemently opposed to abortion, but say they denounce the use of violence as a means of stopping it.

BUILDING A CASE: Investigators outside the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office in Murphy, N.C., handle evidence collected in the case against Eric Robert Rudolph.; PHOTOGRAPHER: Associated Press; Eric Robert Rudolph; HEAVY GUARD: Cherokee County officers stand watch near the jail in Murphy, N.C., where Eric Rudolph awaits transfer to Asheville for his arraignment in federal court.; PHOTOGRAPHER: Associated Press

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