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Obituaries; William Witney, 86; B-Movie Action Director
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Deaths -- Witney, William
Date: Mar 18, 2002
Start Page: B.8
Section: California; Metro Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Witney's Republic serials served as the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones" movies. And director Quentin Tarantino, a Witney fan, has praised his rough and believable action scenes and visual style in films such as "The Golden Stallion" with Rogers and "Stranger at My Door," a western starring Macdonald Carey.

Witney's most frequent co-director on the serials was John English, who preferred directing the interior dialogue scenes and having Witney handle the action scenes.

[William Witney]: Shown in 1994, he directed or co- directed 23 serials from 1937 to '46, including "The Lone Ranger."; PHOTOGRAPHER: DON KELSEN / Los Angeles Times; Witney, right, with Dusty Rogers and [Roy Rogers] on the set of "North of the Great Divide." The Republic Pictures director, who introduced the now- standard practice of choreographing fight scenes, made 27 Roy Rogers westerns.

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