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How Green Was the Valley; Five 'poster children' for Silicon Valley's heady glory days reflect on money, reality and changing the world.
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Career changes; High tech industries
Author: Hubler, Shawn
Date: Mar 25, 2001
Start Page: E.1
Section: Southern California Living; PART- E; PART-; View Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Finally, front and center, in the off-black T-shirt, there was Po Bronson, the rising star of the digerati who'd adapted his latest Silicon Valley book for this exclusive. Magazines don't usually put writers on covers, but Wired's style was more Rolling Stone than Fortune, and the tech hype had a way of making everything it touched, then, into a part of its story. Also, there was the matter of Bronson's cheekbones, which had prompted one Web site to devote an entire fan page to the accomplished writer, titled "Perpetual Po."

The Wired story was not conceived as a magazine story. It was an excerpt from "The Nudist on the Late Shift," Bronson's nonfiction book about life in Silicon Valley at the peak of the boom. Its emphasis was less on moguls than on ordinary dreamers. It's one of those works, now, that people here tell you to read if you read nothing else about the digital revolution. That, and Bronson's satirical novel, "The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest," set in the world of computer start-ups.

[Julie Blaustein] returned to college.; PHOTOGRAPHER: ROBERT DURELL / Los Angeles Times; Author Po Bronson is at work on a new book. Fox is to start shooting the film version of his first Silicon Valley novel this month.; PHOTOGRAPHER: RANDI LYNN BEACH / For The Times; [Thierry Levy] works as a consultant for other firms and still hopes to sell his software company.; PHOTOGRAPHER: RANDI LYNN BEACH / For The Times; After selling his company for millions of dollars, [Ben Chiu] moved to Hong Kong and then invested much of his fortune in high tech.; Wired's July 1999 cover story featured five faces that personified the Silicon Valley dream. Writer Po Bronson is in the middle.

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