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HOME VIDEO; Miss Piggy's Compelling Commentary; Frank Oz--Muppet star and 'Bowfinger' director--adds rich details in DVD of the film
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Video recordings
Author: King, Susan
Date: Jan 20, 2000
Start Page: 52
Section: Calendar; PART- F; Entertainment Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Director Frank Oz, who first came to fame as the voice and operator of Miss Piggy, supplies an absolutely fascinating audio commentary on Universal's collector's edition DVD of the Steve Martin- Eddie Murphy comedy "Bowfinger" ($27).

The film finds Martin, who wrote the script, playing a down-and- out Hollywood producer named Bowfinger who surrounds himself with an oddball assortment of performers and crew members. When he can't even get a meeting with the No. 1 action star (Murphy) for his next production, Bowfinger decides to film it anyway, shooting footage of the star without the actor's knowledge.

Oz points out that he initially began the opening title sequence with a helicopter shot flying over the rich areas of Los Angeles, finally ending at Bowfinger's dumpy bungalow in Hollywood. But it didn't work in the previews. So Oz and Martin got together and tried to write a new title sequence. They decided they wanted to show Bowfinger alone in his bungalow reading a script. The sequence also gave them the opportunity to introduce several other characters when Bowfinger calls each one about the script.

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