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Effective Mouse Fights With Big Corporations
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Bly, Laura
Date: Mar 8, 1998
Start Page: 17
Section: Travel; PART-L; Travel Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

When Jacob Reider's written protests about a botched family reunion at Cancun's Moon Palace hotel fell on deaf corporate ears, the Albany, N.Y., physician fought back with a mouse. He aired his gripes on the Internet.

Reider launched his own Web site in December, after returning "disheartened and angry" from a $20,000 December vacation he claimed was marred by rude staff, round-the-clock construction noise, and other woes. Before discontinuing the site two months later, he had posted more than 50 responses, many of which bolstered Reider's opinions.

And he's gotten results that his old-fashioned snail mail missive didn't. "{Hotel officials} are now very clearly making an effort to rectify nearly every single item that we detailed on the Web site," says Reider, who had changed the name of his site from to as "a goodwill gesture."

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