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Jaywalking Plan Gets the Bronx Cheer; New York: In this city where pedestrians seem to go colorblind at traffic lights, the mayor is mulling a major move against foot traffic. The reaction? What do you think?
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Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Walking; Traffic violations; Public opinion
Date: Jan 16, 1998
Start Page: 1
Section: Life & Style; PART-E; View Desk
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Mayor Rudolph Giuliani wants to ban jaywalking. He's serious. He means business. And the sound you hear, from the congested sidewalks of midtown Manhattan to the byways of Greenwich Village, is laughter.

It all began Monday, when aides to the mayor revealed that he is considering a major move against jaywalkers, just as he has cracked down on squeegee men and other irritants. As the laughs began building, Giuliani characteristically stuck to his guns, rolling out statistics to show the dangers of jaywalking.

No one doubts that people take their lives in their hands when they cross busy streets in New York City--whether they obey traffic lights or not. Crossing against the signal is a problem, and Giuliani's predecessor complained about it four years ago.

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