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Violent Gang Is a Stain on a Proud Ethnic Community Series: SPECIAL REPORT * The rise of a small street gang, Armenian Power, is causing a tragic cycle of fear and death. To those who fled warfare elsewhere . . .; FIRST OF TWO PARTS
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: LIFESTYLE; Gangs; Minority & ethnic groups; Series & special reports
Author: Krikorian, Michael
Date: Aug 17, 1997
Start Page: 1
Section: Metro; PART-B; Metro Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

The teenagers and young men wrecking havoc on these businesses were members of Armenian Power, a new street gang in the heavily Armenian areas of East Hollywood and Glendale. With only 120 members, the gang is now blamed by authorities for a dozen murders--almost exclusively of rival gang members--and more than 100 shootings.

To thousands of Armenian Americans whose parents and grandparents came here after escaping the horrors of World War I and genocide, the existence of an Armenian gang is a stain on the tight ethnic community that has achieved success beyond its small numbers in politics, art, business and farming.

To thousands of recent Armenian immigrants who fled the war-ravaged streets of Beirut, the political upheavals of Iran and the Armenian homeland itself, the gang is a painful reminder of the lawlessness they sought to leave behind.

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