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Developer With a Cause Battles on Many Fronts
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Subjects: Real estate industry, Litigation, Social responsibility
Author: Furlong, Tom
Date: Mar 13, 1988
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As a young naval pilot, Charles H. Keating Jr. was in an especially fine mood one evening as he prepared to land his Hellcat fighter plane at an airfield in south Florida. Eagerly anticipating a date with an attractive woman, Keating had deliberately stayed close to the field as he flew the night training maneuvers. He had quietly arranged to be the first in his squadron to land so he could get off duty as fast as possible. With a trumpet solo by Harry James blaring from his radio, Keating steered the fighter plane into what he thought would be a routine landing. There was just one problem: He had forgotten to put the wheels down. (excerpt)

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