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FAMILY; All the Presidents' Films and More
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: King, Susan
Date: Feb 16, 1996
Start Page: 22
Section: Calendar; PART-F; Entertainment Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Barry Bostwick plays the man who could never tell a lie in "George Washington" (Warner), a decent 1984 TV miniseries based on James Thomas Flexner's bio, and the so-so 1986 sequel, "George Washington: The Forging of a Nation" (MGM, $30).

Nick Nolte, though, seems a mite uncomfortable as [Thomas] Jefferson in Merchant Ivory's sleep-inducing 1995 costume drama "Jefferson in Paris" (Touchstone).

There have been several bios of Abraham Lincoln: D.W. Griffith's static 1930 "Abraham Lincoln" (Nostalgia Family Video, $20) starring Walter Huston; John Ford's 1939 drama "Young Mr. Lincoln" (FoxVideo, $20) with Henry Fonda; 1940's "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" (Turner, $20) starring a terrific Raymond Massey; and the 1988 NBC miniseries "Gore Vidal's Lincoln" (Pacific Arts, $30) starring Sam Waterston.

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