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Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Waller, Don
Date: Mar 16, 1986
Start Page: 65
Section: Calendar; Calendar Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

This feature spotlights noteworthy reissues and compilations. Band: New York Dolls. Title: "Night of the Living Dolls" (Mercury). History: In 1973, when rock 'n' roll fans were trapped between the pretentious pomposities of stadium-filling supergroups and the equally pretentious, cut-rate cosmosities of supersensitive singer-songwriters, the New York Dolls came on like a break of fresh wind. Trashy, brassy and sassy, this brash quintet of New Yorkers camped it up like a closetful of queens, pouting 'n' preening 'n' teetering on six-inch platform shoes. Following a series of now-legendry gigs/parties at the Mercer Arts Center, the Dolls landed-not without difficulty-a record deal. Their '73 debut, "New York Dolls," produced by Todd Rundgren, was an instant classic. So was the largely underrated '74 follow-up, "Too Much, Too Soon," produced by Shadow Morton of Shangri-Las fame (and Vanilla Fudge infamy). They were also instant cut-outs as the band quickly dissolved in a morass of personal problems, and the tunes collected on "Night" have been unavailable in the U.S. for 10 years.

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