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Pepsi Gets Jump on Rival, Unveils New Coke Abroad
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Meisler, Stanley||||||SHIVER, JUBE, Jr
Date: Aug 21, 1985
Start Page: 1
Section: Business; 4; Financial Desk
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Meanwhile, back in the United States, Coca-Cola claimed that Pepsi has been selling "New Pepsi," a less-sweet version of regular Pepsi, in some overseas markets. Coke officials released a photograph showing a Pepsi can with "New" atop the familiar round Pepsi logo. A band across the lower portion of the can says "Join the Pepsi Challenge!"

Last year in France, Coca-Cola sold 55 million gallons while Pepsi sold 8 million, Pepsi officials say, although neither drink fares well against wine, the preferred beverage in France. In Latin America, the disparity is even more pronounced, with Coke's market share near 50% in Mexico and Brazil and Pepsi's less than 10%, experts say.

In early July, under pressure from die-hard Coke fans and only weeks after it had shipped new Coke to U.S. stores, Coca-Cola brought back its original formula as "Coca-Cola Classic," to be sold alongside the new Coke. Once again, Pepsi officials publicly ribbed Coke, at one point saying: "What does surprise us is that they are bothering to keep this new Coke on the shelves at all."

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