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Flying Via Charter Off to New Bustle
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Greenberg, Peter S
Date: Jun 23, 1985
Start Page: 2
Section: Travel; 8; Travel Desk
Abstract (Document Summary)

Recently [Paulette Aaronson] sold a charter to a family that wanted to go from New York to London, then to Paris and Rome. One charter operator offered that exact itinerary on British Airways. By booking the charter, the family would save $800 on air fares. The idea seemed a good one until two days before departure. That's when the charter operator changed airlines from British Airways to Air India.

British Airways is actively marketing the Concorde for group charter flights. It began in 1983 when Cunard Lines began chartering the Concorde, which has been flying for nine years. Cunard is the largest charterer of the Concorde, using more than 15,000 seats in conjunction with sailings of the Queen Elizabeth 2. The number of seats booked for these charters is very large when you consider that each Concorde only holds 100 passengers.

Because of the number of seats Cunard buys, the rates for the Concorde are substantially less than the regular premium Concorde fare. A Concorde connection flight for the QE2 from New York, Miami or Washington, the normal Concorde gateways, costs $549.

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